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eduSYMS School Administration Course


eduSYMS School Administration Course is a knowledge-based qualification suitable for all support staff roles in schools, including site staff, administrators etc as well as those who work directly with on eduSYMS.

eduSYMS School Foundation Course


eduSYMS School Foundation Course ENABLES anyone to:

  • Use eduSYMS from a Pre-School to a Tertiary environment.
  • Turn a traditional/conventional school into a digital school.
  • To implement eduSYMS and ENABLE schools and communities.
  • Make a difference by taking eduSYMS to their nearest institution of learning.

Teacher Training Course


Teacher training on Class and Subject Group Management using eduSYMS. This training ENABLES teachers to:

  • Offer lessons in an online environment.
  • Assume responsibilities required for instructing with eduSYMS.

Showing all 3 results